The Evalex Leadership Evolution and Accelerator (Elea) is a cloud-based, AI-driven leadership development programme that engages leaders in online development interventions and allows them to reassess progress against development areas on a continuous basis.

The purpose of Elea is to help individuals evolve on their leadership journey and to assist with the acceleration of personal development.

Evalex identified and defined 13 Domains and 38 competencies which form part of the Elea Leadership Framework – a truly scientific derivative of competencies that leaders engage in to deal with situations in our modern business world.

  1. THOUGHT: Business Acumen, Strategic Thinking, Sourcing and Investigating, Contemplating, Enabling Solutions, Performance Intensity
  2. DELIVERY: Making Decisions, Initiating, Operating and Executing, Organising and Arranging
  3. PEOPLE: Understanding Emotions, Communicating and Collaborating, Motivating and Inspiring

The AI solutions used in were built from an extremely unique space at the point where Data Science, Mathematics, Organisation Psychology, Psychometrics and Computational Linguistics overlap to create an extremely potent engine that fires up all the algorithms needed to do our research and power our assessment and development engines.


  1. INITIAL DIAGNOSTIC PHASE: During the initial diagnostic phase of Elea, the participant is required to deal with 3-5 key leadership situations such as Operations, Staff, Client, Sales or Financial Management Scenarios. Once they have completed the diagnostic phase, the AI engine will analyse their results and compare them with more than 12,000 other leaders from over 500 organisations and across more than 50 countries.
  2. LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT PHASE: After the initial diagnostic phase, the participant receives access to cutting-edge online digital development portal. The portal allows the participant to proactively engage with and explore their diagnostic information to build a personalised development plan including their strengths, development areas and learning interventions, allowing the participant to develop a new set of behavioural habits based on carefully curated articles, videos, training courses and the opportunity to identify subject matter specialists to discuss relevant areas with.
  3. SECOND DIAGNOSTIC PHASE: Using a ‘do, learn, do, learn, do learn’ methodology, the system provides participants with an opportunity to complete Elea a second time with an alternative set of business issues. Participants then again access their digital development report which allows them to compare the outcomes of their first diagnostic phase, against their second diagnostic phase to find out how they have progressed and further developed.
  4. SECOND L&D PHASE AND ONGOING DEVELOPMENT: The participant’s updated development plan will now indicate how the participant has progressed and isolate the areas that still require focus and development. Elea then allows for a third diagnostic iteration and repeat of the learning and development process to embed learning and ensure acceleration.


  • Real World – Business challenges represent real business issues that leaders need to deal with
  • Elea presents a ground-breaking new Leadership framework for the digital age – truly scientific derivative of competencies that leaders engage in to deal with situations in our modern business world
  • Ai Scored – immediate feedback on results as well as consistency and reliability of scoring
  • Development Interventions – Carefully curated, customisable development actions for competencies
  • Experiential Learning – Development Center process: do, learn, do, learn, do, learn
  • Powerful analytics – At individual and organisational level for talent management
  • Engaging candidate experience – Gamification and Simulated situations creates immersive experience and participants can complete at their own pace
  • Powerful interactive digital development portal – an online development portal that allows participants to proactively engage with their assessment results, benchmark themselves against various leadership levels and positions, and build a personalised development plan based on strengths and development areas
  • Scalability – No human assessors and trainers required, quick to deploy, Cloud based
  • Mapping – Can be mapped to almost any organisational competence framework