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At Encapsulate we work with our clients to make more intelligent talent decisions. We combine innovative assessment solutions with our passion for adding true value to our clients and their businesses.

Our Solutions

Encapsulate Consulting specialises in Psychometric & Competency Based Assessment Solutions.

Psychometric & Competency Based Assessment - Encapsulate Consulting

Psychometric & Competency Based Assessment

We construct best-practise assessment batteries, with our comprehensive range of assessment tools that are used for selection of new staff, development of existing staff, talent management, succession planning & special recruitment projects.

Online Assessment

We offer a variety of online assessment tools mostly suited for entry-level to junior roles. These assessments are administered by the client and have easy to interpret reports.

Online Skills

We have 100’s on online, validated skills tests to assess applicant ability. All Microsoft packages, typing, data entry and development/technical titles.

Intelligent Response Handling - Encapsulate Consulting

Intelligent Response Handling Assessment

High-volume/ high turn-over/ entry-level assessment solution. Determine out of 1000’s of applications, without using valuable HR resources which are the top candidates. Role bespoke online assessment intelligently screens and ranks all applicants in a scientific and unbiased way.

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Online Assessment Tools - Encapsulate Consulting

Competency Development Guides

Encapsulate have developed a library of competency development guides for employers to assist employees to improve, grow and develop the competencies which they struggle with.

Career & Subject Choice Assessments

One of a kind, web-based subject choice and career guidance assessment solutions provider.

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Encapsulate Consulting - Psychometric & Competency Based Assessment for businesses around South Africa

What Our Clients Say


“Bree and her team have been our assessment partner for over 8 years now. The work that they do for us forms an integral part of our selection and development decisions. We use them for all levels of assessment. We have always been supported with exceptional service and they go beyond our expectations all the time. The quality of their assessment reports and feedback is always of a very high standard.”

HR Director – Financial Services

“We have been using the assessment services of Encapsulate since 2012. Encapsulate are more than a supplier to us- they are a valued business partner. We believe that a lot of the success of our talent acquisition lies in selecting the right talent and we do this with the professional and valuable assistance of Encapsulate Consulting.”

Head of Talent Acquisition – Retail

“Encapsulate Consulting have been our assessment company since 2013. We use their assessment services for both our selection, development and succession planning processes. We have found the team to have extensive skill and knowledge, the service is always good and the overall value we get covers our investment. We would recommend their services.”

HR Manager – Engineering Firm

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