Competency Development

Assist employees to improve, grow and
develop the competencies which they struggle with

“We are assessing for development purposes but we don’t know what to do with employees who are lacking certain competencies”

Help current employees develop critical competencies.

How We Do It

  • Encapsulate Consulting have developed a whole library of competency development guides
  • These guides are great for employers who wish to give their employees the tools to improve and grow and develop the competencies which they struggle with.
  • Each development guide contains valuable information about the particular competency; behavioural indicators, practical steps to develop the competency, activities, exercise tips, suggested reading, motivational videos and links to other great resources.

Some of Our Guides

Problem Solving


Emotional Intelligence

Attention to Detail

Learning Potential

Excellence Orientation

Conflict Management

Numerical Reasoning



Customer Service Orientation

Verbal Reasoning

Flexibility / Adaptability

Drive / Initiative

Resilience & Stress Management


Judgement / Decision Making


Assessments not only pinpoint suitability, they also indicate areas requiring development and potential weakness- what are you doing to improve the identified development areas?

  • Develop competencies critical to your organization
  • Ensure ROI on your assessment process
  • FREE SMART Goal setting template
  • Branded development guides optional