Career & Subject Choice Assessments

Assessment technology designed for those requiring subject choice guidance, as well as those nearing the end of their schooling who need specific input on extra tuition, further studies, and career options.

“I am almost finished high school and I have no clue what I want to study!”

Our assessment solution makes use of predictive analytics to determine suitability and performance of a learner, relative to a specific career field.

How We Do It

  • Our measuring methodology is thorough.
  • Each individual completes an online questionnaire, lasting between 90 and 120 minutes.
  • An individual profile is generated, covering skills, competencies, ‘task interest’, and performance potential. These are matched with viable career fields – and the necessary training required for success is suggested.
  • Career prioritisation: ranks 20 career field options, from most suitable to least suitable
  • Overall recommendation score: an integrated outcome that takes natural skills and interests into account 

How We Assess


The solution is multidisciplinary, integrating fields as diverse as neuroscience, ethnology, organisational theory and cognitive reasoning. It uses the world’s most comprehensive ‘integrated task database’ and can produce a complete profile for individuals which can be matched to specified job tasks.

  • Accurate and automated: significantly reduces career guidance costs Integrated task database: understands an individual’s unique abilities; narrows the career focus
  • Highly innovative: outperforms other approaches and solutions across all key indicators
  • Provides clarity: Students often feel pressured to ‘make a decision’ – one not always aligned to their dreams, natural aptitude and interests. Our assessment helps steer the conversation.
  • Eliminates unconscious bias: An algorithm can’t play favourites, or insist on a presupposed career field – so there are no false positives. Just great science!