Intelligent Response

Intelligently screens and ranks all
applicants in a scientific and unbiased way

“The turnover of our entry-level staff is so high, we could do with a solution that helps us improve our retention at this level”.

Intelligent response handling measures retention indicators.

How We Do It

  • Web-based technology solution scientifically profiles, screens, shortlists and ranks candidates according to key predictors of performance and potential. Determine out of 1000’s of applications, without using valuable HR resources which are the top candidates
  • Role bespoke online assessment intelligently screens and ranks all applicants in a scientific and unbiased way.

How It Works

1. High-volume Applications

Learnerships, Graduate programmes, Entry-level, high-turnover roles

2. Intelligent Assessment

Online assessment is bespoke built to role. Minimum role requirements (numeracy/literacy/problem solving/values) and scientifically researched predictors of performance & retention

3. Top Candidates

Individual reports, shortlisting and ranking reports. Candidates are matched against the key competencies and skills that has been identified as the predictors of performance in a specific industry, corporate culture, job category and job role.


 Automate the recruitment process, particularly for high-volume hiring, with a focus on finding suitable candidates, eliminating irrelevant applicants and accurately assessing their capabilities in order to improve the quality of hiring decisions.

  • Substantially improves the hiring process execution and experience for the candidate
  • Screened candidates on demand
  • Helps recruiters and hiring managers to eliminate time wasters – screening candidate CVs and interviewing irrelevant candidates.
  • Cost-effective- Unlimited assessments for set monthly fee
  • Combines behaviour and science
  • Unbiased decision making