Recruiters spend an average of six seconds scanning a CV to determine if they want to consider an applicant or not, but even the best #recruiters will miss great candidates. Is #AI the key to #modernising the #recruiting process and lessening unconscious bias? #artificialintelligence #futureofwork

Encapsulate Consulting, assessment solutions specialists, in partnership with technology partner Pivotal Talent are successfully implementing their Intelligent Response Handling Assessment (IRHA) Solution in various high-volume recruitment environments like retail, call-centre, learnership, graduate, supply chain and security to name a few.

HR teams are replacing manual application screening and sifting with the IRHA Solution. AI evaluates all candidates across experience, academic, and achievement levels while assessing for desired role competencies. Recruiters are doing away with spending weeks manually reviewing hundreds or thousands of applications. Or bluntly sifting applications using single measure psychometric assessments.

IRHA allows employers to screen, rank and shortlist high volume applications in minutes, according to key predictors of performance and potential. IRHA enables employers to assess candidates efficiently, effectively and fairly removing subjective hiring biases. It takes applicants 15-20 minutes to apply and complete the assessment.

The Intelligent Response Handling Assessment is bespoke built per role. It integrates fields of human study as diverse as cognitive reasoning, neuroscience, ethnology and organisational behavior. Utilising the world’s most comprehensive integrated task database, comprising of tasks and competencies required for various roles from multiple industries. It then integrates proprietary algorithms with six decades of research from top global institutions, while it calibrates for factors like grit and EQ, eliminating the propensity to hire by bias. The performance has been thoroughly tested and validated, while ongoing global research continues to update and refine the algorithms. The technology statistically outperforms traditional approaches across all key indicators

With IRHA analytics, employers can now streamline their recruitment and assessment process reducing costs, improving hiring outcomes and giving back time to hiring managers and recruiters.

For the recruiter IRHA is easy-to-use and provides a fast and balanced assessment of applicants. No longer sift out highly sought after candidates while substantially improving the hiring process execution and experience for the candidate.