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We can tailor an assessment to meet your unique needs, based on the job profile and competencies, our experts are ready to tackle the challenge.


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Our Solutions

Encapsulate Consulting specialises in Psychometric & Competency Based Assessment Solutions.

Customised Assessment Solutions - Encapsulate Consulting

Psychometric & Competency Based Assessment

We construct best-practise assessment batteries, with our comprehensive range of assessment tools that are used for selection of new staff, development of existing staff, talent management, succession planning, skills audits & special recruitment projects.

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Online Assessment

We offer a variety of online assessment tools mostly suited for entry-level to junior roles. These assessments are administered by the client and have easy to interpret reports

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Online Skills Assessments - Encapsulate Consulting

Online Skills

We have 100’s on online, validated skills tests to assess applicant ability. All Microsoft packages, typing, data entry and development/technical titles.

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Intelligent Response Handling - Encapsulate Consulting

Intelligent Response Handling Assessment

High-volume/ high turn-over/ entry-level assessment solution. Determine out of 1000’s of applications, without using valuable HR resources which are the top candidates. Role bespoke online assessment intelligently screens and ranks all applicants in a scientific and unbiased way.

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Online Assessment Tools - Encapsulate Consulting

Competency Development Guides

Encapsulate have developed a library of competency development guides for employers to assist employees to improve, grow and develop the competencies which they struggle with.

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