Almost all of the mistakes I ever made could have been solved by just caring more, especially when I didn’t know enough. When you care you go the extra mile, you put others first, you develop an outward mindset, you think deeper, you push harder, you listen better and most important: you find a way.

When you care you take enough massive action you can overcome almost any other shortfall.

“To add value to others, one must first value others.” – John C. Maxwell

When you care, you do.

Doing helps you win. Leading helps you win big.

Leading allows you to win relationships, win customers, win colleagues.

True winning is done together, as part of a team. Leaders do more than manage, they create an environment that supports success.

This what leaders do:

  • Leaders align mission (purpose), vision, goals, resources, and actions.
  • Leaders show and earn respect.
  • Leaders encourage.
  • Leaders share.
  • Leaders listen.
  • Leaders inspire.
  • Leaders empower.
  • Leaders create more leaders.
  • Leading can be tricky at times. Reading helps you know what to do.

 “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” –Margaret Fuller

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