Hire Drivers with Confidence

Encapsulate’s “Driver Assessment Profile- DAP” was especially developed to serve various industries who hire and rely on a workforce of drivers: Ride share drivers, emergency service drivers, chauffeurs, bus drivers, delivery drivers and couriers.

The DAP is an holistic competency assessment that measures Cognition, Integrity, Work Ethic and Competence related to the role of a driver.

  • The Cognitive Dimension covers analytical ability, spacial ability, perceptual reasoning, verbal & logical reasoning and acuity/ detail perception.
  • The Integrity Dimension covers reliability & dependability, honesty, accountability, responsibility and rule deviation vs boundedness.
  • The Work Ethic Dimension covers commitment, motivation, self-reliance and punctuality.
  • The Competence Dimension covers technical-mindedness, alertness to environment, value-appreciation, stress & pressure handling, cautiousness and emotional control.

The DAP also includes a performance/ self reporting section as well as a monitor/ lie detector to determine test manipulation.