Hiring Cleaners, Housekeepers, Caregivers or Au-pairs

Encapsulate’s “Domestic Service Profile- DSP” is a composite test designed to assess and predict the effective and successful rendering of services in the area of domestic services. This is typically associated with positions of house-keeping, cleaning, maintenance, child and people care- Suitable for entry-level/ operational level roles within households, bed & breakfast venues, hotels, passenger liners, caretaking institutions

This tool assesses the necessary cognitive, emotive, human/people orientation, integrity, work ethic, skill and technical ability and skills required by these roles.

The DSP is an holistic competency assessment that measures Cognition, Integrity, Work Ethic Personality and Competence related to domestic service roles.

  • The Cognitive Dimension covers verbal, non-verbal, technical and numerical reasoning
  • The Integrity & Work Ethic Dimension covers reliability, honesty, rule-following, locus of control, motivation, conscientiousness and time-keeping
  • The Personality Dimension covers stability, empathy, friendliness, patience and humbleness
  • The Competence Dimension covers skill, communication, stress and pressure handling, quality and performance history

The DSP also includes a performance/ self reporting section as well as a monitor/ lie detector to determine test manipulation.