Improve Call-Centre Recruitment outcomes with Innovative Assessments

Encapsulate Consulting are a leading South African Assessment Consultancy. We work with our clients to improve talent decisions through the use of psychometric and competency based assessment solutions. Encapsulate have partnered with numerous call-centre operators and BPO’s within SA and Africa to improve both the quality of hire and retention of employees in a notoriously difficult environment.

Encapsulate have a range of tools including entry-level screeners, holistic psychometric assessments and high-volume screen, sort and rank solutions:

  1. Entry-level Call-Centre Screener: This call-centre-fit assessment is used as an internal quality assurance screening tool as part of the recruitment and selection process for call-centre employees. It measures Thinking dimensions; Numeracy & literacy, Behavioural dimensions; Adaptability, Social insight, Pleasantness, Attention to detail, Listening skills and Environmental dimensions; Structure and call-centre fit.
  2. Holistic Psychometric Call-Centre Tool: This instrument assesses and predicts the successful functioning in various types of operational positions associated with a Call Centre – ranging from the more simplistic functional position of a Call-Centre Agent dealing with high-volume calls, repetitive collecting and providing of basic information, to Call Centre Agents who are dealing with more complex enquiries and problem solving, requiring more specialised know-how and the ability to resolve more complex issues in a short period of time.
    • Cognitive; Verbal, numeric, technical and creative reasoning
    • Integrity; Reliability, honesty, transparency, sincerity, stability
    • Work Ethic; Motivation, ownership, time keeping, conscientiousness
    • Personality; Friendly, patience, locus of control, susceptibility to pressure
    • Behaviour; Stress handling, emotional control, independence, detail orientation
    • Competency; Information gathering, drawing conclusions, persuasiveness
    • Monitor; Test manipulation score
  3. High-Volume Call-Centre Sort, Screen and Rank Solution: We build an online assessment that intelligently screens all applicants and ranks them in a totally scientific and unbiased way.The assessment is not psychometric so the assessment link can be built into your recruitment platform/process prior to even engaging applicants. Assessment is skills based and tested through either scenarios or objective testing. We also consider some neuro-science components and we can test extent a candidate would match a company’s culture. Each assessment is totally bespoke to the client, role, minimum requirements (numeracy/ literacy etc), competencies and scientifically researched predictors of performance & retention are included.
  4. NEW- Assess Work-From-Home Suitability: for the call-centre environment: Developed and tested in SA call-centre environment 

For information on Call-Centre assessment solutions email for more info.