Executive / Senior Management

Executive/ Senior Management Assessment is a comprehensive assessment providing in-depth data and insights to inform selection decisions for senior leadership roles, primarily the CEO, CFO, other “CxO” and senior management positions.

The Executive Assessment provides a complete picture of a candidates’ relevant business and functional expertise, marketplace and industry knowledge, leadership abilities, character and motivation, cultural fit and capacity to grow and change with the job. We provide insight into how candidates are likely to behave, make decisions and operate in the role, and identify potential risks or derailers that can have implications for long-term success in the context of the organization, culture and market. At this level, cognitive measures look at strategic thinking, long-term problem solving & complexity handling. Personality looks at a persons ability to network, influence and build strategic relationships, their resilience and drive. Specific to the leadership role we focus on their need for control, how they empower and mentor their subordinates and their emotional intelligence.


  • 1 Cognitive Test
  • 2 Personality Tests
  • 1 Emotional Intelligence Assessment
  • 1 Integrity Test
  • 1 Online In-Basket



  • Self-interpretable report with recommendations in relation to job description & role competencies within 2-3 w/days
  • Telephonic feedback to management and candidate.